Projects: Hollister


Complete Mechanical and electrical installation of a retail unit in new shopping centre with fully automated services control back to the USA.

Electrical works

This required the introduction of local install teams to help with the local regulations at the same time being supervised by our onsite technician to maintain the service required by our client. The install procedure was somewhat different to that of a normal install, however by working together with the local teams the project was completed on time and met with all Spanish regulations.


The installation was carried out with Spanish control gear and cabling but still providing the high standard of install required by our client. Sales area luminaires were provided by the client for this project but adapted to comply with the local regulations.

General services

Make the arrangement with the local electricity supply for the incoming service. Co-ordinated lighting layouts with all other services and the independent lighting track support systems. Small power services to till, music system and roof top plant.

Fire alarms

This was carried out by specialist landlord contractor under our supervision and control. Cabling to the fire alarm points was different to that installed in the UK and therefore was more practical to use the specialist contractor and to achieve certification.

Mechanical Services

This was again carried out by local contractors under our supervision, the works were fully coordinated and therefore met with the local bylaws including the plumbing services. On completion all systems fully certified and independently verified.

  • Locaton: Madrid
  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Completed: 31/03/2012